Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to Buy from Pink Ice

Pink Ice is an online store catering to the younger set, kind of like F21.
There are some cute and very cheap pieces there, so don't write it off before checking it out!
Here are my picks:

$19.99 Tribe Stretch Mini Skirt
I'd order a size or two up in this because it looks super short. I think it would look great with a turtleneck over black tights.

$24.99 Knit Smock Top
I like the gauzy look of this top and how that matches the relaxed cut.
This type of baggy unstructured look works best on people with straight, rectangular torsos. You don't have to be skinny minny but you can't be too hour-glassy.

$44.99 Rust Knit Top
Don't shy away from this oversized top--the length hits right above the hip so you will still look slender in it and you won't look like a bag lady mess.

$44.99 Lace Dream Dress
Lace is great for layering because you can see the colors beneath it. This dress would be fun with bright tights for Fall.

$29.99 Pond Chiffon Dress
Anyone with green eyes should get this dress right now. GO!
I don't care that summer's over! You can wear it with a cardigan!

$24.99 Fuse Shadows Tunic
This would look good over light skinny jeans, or belted with a thick belt and worn over wide leg pants.

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