Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Update on No-Buy July

No-buy July is about 2/3 over, and I bet you are all dying to know how I am doing with it.
Am I writhing on the floor? Have I turned over a new leaf and decided not to shop ever again? How many times have I cheated? How many times have I pretended what I am buying is a gift for someone else but really it's for me?

Answers below.

I am doing a pretty good job, I think. I've cheated once- I went to Housing Works and they had brand new DKNY patterned tights for $2 and a jacket marked down from $55 to $45 to $15.
So in all, I spent $17 I wasn't supposed to thus far.

I had a moment of serious ambivalence yesterday when picking up a prescription at Duane Reade. They still had all that makeup on sale and two mascaras that I'd like to try were marked down to $4.79 and $2.19 respectively. I had one in hand, walked 3 steps, and then turned around and put it back in a moment of sheer willpower.


I am currently DYING to go to the Club Monaco sample sale and if anyone wants to go, I will help you shop and wish I was shopping, so please hit me up.
Reading reports of $10 shorts and $15 dresses makes me want to run over there in this 95 degree heat and wait in their two hour un-airconditioned lines. Sadly true. They have men's stuff too so I am thinking about going under the auspices of finding E more summer clothes, but he doesn't really want any more and that would be a total excuse for me to just get there.

One thing that has been fun is mentally decorating our new apartment. I can't possibly start buying things for it, see, because we aren't there yet and I don't have measurements. So it's an imposed delay. Doesn't stop me from researching though.

Anyone else trying it? Let me know how you are doing this month!

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