Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pet Portraits by Amelia

Amelia Santiago makes incredible miniature felted 3D portraits of your pets. Imagine your dog got smaller, cuter, and less yappy. It's just like that! She is best at dogs in my opinion, but also does cats, rabbits, pigs, and horses. You send her the pictures of your pet and she makes it into a little felted animal.

She is really good at the details of fur patterns and facial expressions.
I really want her to do one of Senator, my rabbit, for me, but the prices are a little steep for me right now.

This is a morbid thought, but these would be a great for someone who is mourning a lost pet. It's like taxidermy but not gross.

Check these out! Prices seem to range from $235 to $285 depending on size, hair length, and markings.

$245 Small breed long hair/rough coat

$265 Long hair solid or two-shade cat

Look at these pics of the originals with their miniatures:

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