Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Magnetic Nailpolish

$9.90 Magnetic nailpolish
So LCN is coming out with a new kind of nailpolish, which gives you an arty effect without having to have much manual dexterity.
The polish is embedded with tiny metal flakes, and then you hold a magnet over it while it is drying to get the ripples.

You have to buy the magnet separately.
They come in different shapes.
I wonder what would happen if you just used a little refrigerator or rare earth magnet instead.

$19.90 each Magnets that make patterns

Do you ever wonder what future archaeologists will think when they find our random crap?
Do you think they would ever figure out what the hell these magnets are for?

Want to know a trade secret from back when I was working as an archaeologist?
Whenever we see weirdo things like this that don't seem to have a purpose, we categorize them as "ceremonial." Then we don't go into any detail about what those ceremonies might have been.

Back to the product:
You have to hold the polish over each nail for 10 seconds while it dries.
That sounds like a a lot of work and I don't think I'd invest in these polishes and magnets unless someone got it for me and I had a long weekend.

Here are some pics of what it looks like when it is done via vampyvarnish:

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