Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yes, I am an insane person: Nail polish

There are people who have fun with their nails, and then there are people who have so much fun with their nails that other people worry about them.
I am the latter type.

This is what I did this week:
left hand

right hand

As you can see, my blue manicure had been wearing off, so I decided to save what I could of it by doing fun effects with gray, and then repaint the other nails and make them crazy too.

I did some stripes, some zigzags, one reverse french tip, a starburst, and a few other random things.

How did I achieve this greatness? How did I make such straight and fine lines with no smudging or mistakes?

The answer is simple.

But it is a secret.

ok, it's Scotch tape.

Basically what you do is:
1. put down your base color
2. wait til it is dry
3. cut a shape out of scotch tape
4. stick the tape on your arm or something so it isn't as sticky anymore (too sticky means you might pull of the base layer)
5. put tape on half of nail
6. use other nails to push tape down and seal it
7. paint over nail and tape with one thick coat of your new color
8. while still wet (less than 30 seconds later), peel off tape and have a cool shape on your nails


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