Friday, July 15, 2011

Men's Messenger Bags Under $100

The mythical bag is out there; you know the one. The bag that doesn't have logos, looks professional enough to bring to work but casual enough to pack in for a weekend, and one that won't cost half a month's rent. One that can hold your laptop but doesn't look too tech-y.

Here are some that will treat you and your wallet right:

$59 Bellino Messenger Bag
Looks like something an anthropologist would carry.

$72 Leatherbay downtown laptop bag
Has a Filson look, but for way less. Good for people who don't like the flap over top.

$54.99 Patagonia Daily grind in kelp forest
When people tell you they like your olive green bag, you can say "Actually, it's kelp forest...."

$47.99 Ben Sherman Canvas 15" Messenger
Durable and not too noticeable- let your clothes make the statement and your bag blend in.

$63.99 Ben Sherman Strapping Messenger
This is made of PU, a leather lookalike, which is waterproof in case you need to go out in the rain or spill your drink inside it.

$98 Fossil Wagner waxed canvas messenger
Looks rugged and will hold up well since waxed canvas is so strong.

$31.99 8th Line Wetlook Messenger
This PU bag is sleek and polished.

$63.99 Ben Sherman Nylon laptop messenger
This one looks more like a computer bag, but some people like that.

$71.99 Bellino Nylon and Leather Vertical messenger
Vertical messengers can be more comfortable on your shoulder.

$73.59 David King & Co East/West half flap messenger
Full grain leather for only $73? That is a great deal.

$79.99 Nunzia Designs Ricardo laptop bag
This one is made of vinyl. I like the off-center strap on the flap.

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