Monday, July 25, 2011

Macbook Air Sleeves and Cases

I am going to be getting a new mac for work soon, and I am hoping against hope that it will be a Macbook Air.

Let's pretend I am getting one.
I'm going to need to put it in something to protect it!

Sometimes you just want a sleeve, which lets you put the computer into a larger bag without damaging it, and sometimes you want a whole case to carry your computer, charger, mouse, and accoutrements.

Since I already have a pretty light case, I am hoping to get a sleeve that I can put in the larger case when I need to travel with both.

$28.44 LA Robe Allure for Macbook Air
Fun and stripey.

$9.98 Belkin vertical sleeve
Futuristic and also comes with removable strap so when you want to use this as a bag, you can.

$79.99 Twelve south BookBook Hardback Leather
This makes your shiny new piece of technology look like your grandfather's diary.

$29 SFBags Waterfield Suede sleeve
Time to slim down? This is the thinnest case for the thinnest computer. Not sure if it has quite the amount of padding I require to feel safe throwing an expensive laptop around in, but looks awesome.

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