Friday, July 15, 2011

Scrounging the 70% off items at ShopBop

Shopbop has a 70% off bin that is so much fun to look around in. They have great designers at prices that normal people with normal salaries can actually afford.

Here are the great deals that I found today:

$49.50 Textile Elizabeth and James Bianca shirt
Tiny blue stripes on a natural/tan background make this linen shirt look warm and worn in.

$37.50 Imitation pleated shorts
The army green contrasts with the flowy and girly shape.
These have a short 1.5" inseam, so watch out if you have extra thigh.

$29.50 Patterson J. Kincaid tea-stripe short
These linen shorts look breezy and light.

$97.50 Rebecca Minkoff Boyfriend dress
A wrinkled and oversized mannish linen shirt paired with a slinky short black skirt.

$64.50 JNBY crewneck tunic sweater
Say "crewneck tunic" 5 times fast. It's as much fun as having a slightly deconstructed sweater.
Also, isn't it nice that they are giving modeling work to stroke victims now?

$52.50 Friend of Mine striped Gilligan shorts
It's hot out.

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  1. HAHAHA she does look like a stroke victim! Aren't fatal medical conditions hilarious?


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