Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tools for the best summer shower

Ready for a cold refreshing shower on a disgustingly hot day like today? (inspiration)
Let's make it the best shower ever.
We will start with the expensive hardware and move on to the cheaper software:

$7,525 Ambiance Vichy Shower
Vichy is the king of showers. Lots of nozzles, adjustable pressure, and feels like you are going through a carwash. Plus it combines two of my favorite things: lying down and letting something else do the work for me.

$714.67 Kohler Water Tile Ceiling shower nozzle
Installing this would take some work, but I bet you'd be happy afterward. Plus you could take a shower when you are done.

Boohoo, so you're not a millionaire and can't rearrange your apartment and install things.
Well you can still have a good shower.

$128.80 Delta Intuition shower with detachable head
Smart design, huh? Because those hand held ones are never big enough when you want to use them as the overhead shower. And even if you can't change things in your apartment permanently, you can install a new shower head and then change it back when you are moving (I did it, just save the old crappy head).

$32.95 Curved shower rod
Working our way down, the shower curtain rod can either suck or be good. Choose good. Choose one like this that has the curve which makes your shower feel that much bigger. No one likes wet shower curtain sticking to their shoulder.

 And now the curtain itself.
This really depends on what kind of lighting you have in your bathroom. No matter what though, I think light colors and fabrics look better and cleaner than dark drapery-type fabric.

If you have one overhead light in the middle of the room, or two lights (one at sink, one at shower), then you can and should have the clear inner lining curtain and the outer cloth curtain. It looks homey and nice.

$10.20 Interdesign Leaves fabric shower curtain

If you have only one light and it doesn't get into the shower very well as-is, then you should go for a clear or mostly-clear patterned curtain that will let as much light in as possible.

$24.99 Maytex PEVA Cubitz clear vinyl shower curtain

Now on to smaller items:

$35 Shower squid
Anyone can go buy a wire rack shower hanger thing from BBB. Not everyone shares their shower with a cephalopod. The cool thing about this is that you can make it hold your conditioner upside-down so you can get that bottom stuff out.

Now what should those bottles be?

$4.25 4oz bottle of Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap
This soap is so minty, it will make you feel clean all over.

But you have to remember to dilute!

$2.59 Kingsley pump bottle white 12oz
That is why you need this 12oz pump bottle. You put your 4oz of Dr. Bronners in there, and then you fill the rest with water (slowly so you don't make too much foam). Then you have a fun pump to use in the shower, which is better than a regular bottle anyway.

You could use that on your hair too, but come on; you're not a hippie.

$36 16oz Malin+Goetz Peppermint shampoo
This shampoo makes your hair super shiny and herbal.

$40 16oz Malin+Goetz Cilantro Conditioner
Even if you are a cilantro hater, you will like the clean smell of this thick shampoo. I used it in a hotel and took a few little bottles home.

Time for fun!

$7.99 Crayola bathtub crayons
Draw on your tiles or tub, or write to tell the roomie it's her turn to clean the bathroom

$17.49 MP3 shower radio
What is better than a shower radio? A shower radio that has no commercials and only plays what you want to hear, and has all your music. A shower mp3 player. This model is for people with old ipods like me, but there are other ones on Amazon for people with iphones or ipod touches (i.e. people who can bite me).

Stepping out of the shower now:

$17.99 Brylane memory foam bathmat
Listen, you have to buy a bathmat. Really. Not optional, and a towel on the floor won't do it. Since you have to buy one now anyway, consider spending an extra couple bucks on this model which is squishy and comfortable.

$37.99 Set of 800 gram Egyptian Cotton Towels
This is a great deal because you get 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths. So many colors to choose from!

Now it is time to put on moisturizer.
This is very subjective because people like different scents, but I love the smell of this one and wish I had it.
$24.19 Anna Sui Flights of Fancy body lotion

Enjoy your luxurious shower!

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  1. This is, like, my fave post yet. A perfect 10 in all 3 categories - usefulness, humo(u)r, and bargain!


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