Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slim Storage on a Budget

Here in NYC, apartments are tiny and have no closets. Also, bathrooms have no room and no cabinets. And kitchens have no storage space. You would think you could just go out and buy furniture to fix this, but no, you only have like 11" to work with here and everything cheap in the big box stores is meant for people with more room.

Here are some small storage solutions that won't take up much of your valuable square footage:

$29.99 Space-Saving Cabinet
This is very useful and so cheap! It's only 6" wide so you can fit it between the toilet and wall or the refrigerator and stove or whatever.

$9.50 Pedestal sink shelves
Well, the landlord decided to skimp on the one area of the bathroom where you could have had storage: under the sink. Silently curse him as you buy this clever shelf that lets you put some stuff down there. Not all your disorganized tp, meds, and hair accessories from high school, though. You gotta be presentable and crap.

$49.95 Storage cabinet
If you don't want to have to be presentable, try this slender storage cabinet- it's only 11 3/4" wide so you can put it in the narrowest of hallways.

$24.95 Wooden filing table
Do you need both a printer stand or night stand and a filing cabinet but don't have room? Of course you do.

$16.95 Hair Care Organizer
OK so you don't even have room in your bathroom for the 6" thing, and you don't have any shelves or medicine cabinet. That's ok! This thing can hold your clippies, spray, gel, curler, and straightener. You mount it to the wall and pretend you have a spacious bathroom in Ohio or something.

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