Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daybeds for Briana

Briana is a total jerk I know who decided not to move back to NY but instead move to CA after grad school. What is up with that?
Despite her glaring mistake in coast-choosing, I will help her out in her search for a daybed.

Daybeds are good for a second bedroom or office that you want to feel more like another usable room of your house and less like "the guest room" with stupid tiny soaps and nicer carpets than you are normally allowed to walk on.
The problem with daybeds is that a lot of them look like this:
and remind people of dying grandmothers and mothballs and dust bunnies.

There are better ones out there, though, and I'll show you a few now.
I think the key to a good daybed is looking more like a couch than a bed, and no couches that I know of have gross uncomfortable metal backs.

$579 Casey walnut daybed (without trundle)
WTF is a trundle? It's that bottom roll-out part where you can put another mattress and fit even more people. If you want one, it brings this bed up to $709.

$599 Malibu daybed with trundle
Modern and clean, add a bunch of bright cushions and it will look more couch-y
$999 Hillsdale brown leather trundle daybedThe line of the back of this one and the upholstered sides makes it feel like a real couch to me

$399 Ikea Hemnes daybed with 3 drawers
This one has functional drawers instead of fake ones that conceal the trundle. Could be more useful for people who need item storage more than human storage.

$499 Ikea Hemnes daybed with 2 drawers
Another Ikea style, if you are into drawers and rails. Note that the Ikea ones don't come with the mattresses and that the others usually do. The foam mattresses that Ikea sells are an extra $99.

Briana specifically asked for daybeds, but I tend to prefer pull-out couches or convertible couches.
I have two in my current apartment: one loveseat that folds out to a twin, and one couch that folds out to a full.

Here are some of those, as well in case you prefer them:

$619 Istikbal Best Versay convertible couch
With convertible couches, the back drops down to create a larger flat mattress.

$589 Milano Euro convertible sofa
This one has storage in the arms which I think is cool.

$644 Acme two piece fold-out sectional
This one has storage underneath, and the top folds down.

$808 Klaussner E5500 Rozlyn Dreamquest
Do you have quests in your dreams? Or are you on a quest to have a dream? This one would be good.

$499 AH18 Gray sleeper sofa
I like the fabric and minimalism of this one.

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