Thursday, July 21, 2011

Men's sale at ASOS

$57.52 Guide Hoodie shirt
Woody and good if you get caught in the rain

$51.72 Guide Double Layer Cardigan
This makes you look instantly polished, even if you have a Hanes tee underneath.

$41.37 Peter Werth Piped Polo Shirt
This is what you wear to tennis while trashtalking "My father could buy your father."

$51.72 Ben Sherman checked shorts
Loud color but quiet pattern.

$46.55 Original Penguin Frankie Canvas plimsolls
Go ahead, attract some attention.

$27.58 ASOS suede and patent wingcap oxfords
Hey there, sexy professor-type.

$47.55 ASOS leather lace up desert boots
These will last longer than the suede ones and you can polish them back up when they get grungy.

$18.10 River Island Broken Strip tee
This is cute, just don't wear it with overly whiskered or studded jeans and ask people how to get to the Meatpacking district or you will look like a B&T douche.

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