Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cool Brand: Skunkfunk

Skunkfunk is an environmentally and socially conscious clothing brand for men and women that has a few small boutiques all over the world.
I just found out there is one in Soho in NYC so I am going to go see more of their clothes in person!

If you aren't lucky enough to have one near you, you can still shop the brand online.

Here are my picks:


$220 Zulema Coat
Pointed edges and raging color make this trench far from standard.

$85 Pobena dress
I love the apple green color and the soft drape emphasized by the arc across the shoulders.

$75 Urraka dress
Who DOESN'T want to be a mermaid?

$70 Basalgo pant
Silky and soft


$55 Men's shirt
All the style of a v neck but without the tufts of chest hair sticking out.

$125 Eguzi jacket
Nice color, shape, and even has a hood for rainy days

$110 Errupin sweater
You have to have serious fashion cred to pull this one off, since it could look like a crazy Cosby sweater if you're not careful, but on the right guy with the right raw denim jeans, it could be hot.

Happy shopping!

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