Monday, July 25, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: DIY Kits

One thing I like about Etsy is that it is not only for purchasing handmade things from other people; it also allows you to make things yourself.
Here are some fun DIY Kits:

$50 Deluxe DIY Cheese Kit
This starter kit teaches you how to make mozzarella, chevre, queso blanco, and paneer.

$30 DIY Feather hair extension kit
Comes with 5 feathers and crimp beads so you can put fun things on your head. I like the natural colors that almost blend with your hair but then you realize something weird is up.

$30 DIY Terrarium Kit
Moss, stones, charcoal, and a cute little mushroom that you can put in any jar you want.

$26 Glass Coaster kit
You can use pressed leaves or flowers, photos, magazine cutouts, wallpaper, gift wrap- basically anything flat- and make your own custom coasters.

$25 Hair Bow Kit
When I was 8 I would have flipped out for this. It would still be fun to play with, you know, with someone I was babysitting for.... yeah.

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