Monday, July 11, 2011

External Hard Drives

This isn't a very fashionable post, but sometimes you need things that aren't fashionable.

A few years ago when my computer kicked the bucket, the IT people at my job were able to retrieve the information off of it. But I needed somewhere to put it.
And it was a lot of gigs- I have a large, digitized music collection.

The consensus of the IT people, my techie friends, and the internet led me to buy this LaCie drive:
$125 LaCie 1TB Rugged external hard drive

It has served me very well.
It's one of those things that I never think about, but am glad to have when I need it.
Walking around my new office at a different company, I just noticed the familiar orange casing in 3 people's cubes, and felt a little pride at having chosen such a reliable one.

I might get another drive soon, though, because mine was only 250 Gb I think, and I am afraid of what will happen when it conks out (I still haven't transferred my music).

I want one that has solid-state flash memory, and I'm looking at this sleek little number:
$56 Buffalo Technology MiniStation Stealth 500Gb drive
It has good amazon reviews, but I want to run it by all the IT folk I know before I commit.

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