Monday, July 4, 2011

No-Buy July

Happy 4th everyone!

Friday marked the beginning of what for me is the annual month of "No-Buy July" in which I don't buy anything other than food for myself as an attempt to slow down the shopping impulse.
Under my rules, I am still allowed to go out for food and buy presents for other people if it is their birthday or wedding or something, but I can't buy anything I don't really need or anything just for fun for other people either.

This year is an especially important no-buy July since I should be getting rid of things in preparation for my move in August and not acquiring any more.

This will be a month to reflect on larger purchases I am going to make, like a couch and a dresser.
Luckily, before the July deadline, I went on that makeup shopping spree so there are a bunch of reviews of those products coming up for you.

Want to try no-buy July with me?
Or are you someone who doesn't usually buy things? You should try "go buy July!"

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