Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Living products from Terrain

Terrain is easy on the eyes and pleasant to imagine yourself living in. They have a variety of summer living items which evoke quiet lounging afternoons, fun beach trips, and garden parties.

$39.95 Sussex edger
Attention lawn and garden owners: there is no better way to say "stop trampling/pissing on my flowers" than inserting an edger around the areas that you want to protect.

$238 Blooming outdoor rug
What if you move in to a great place that has a nice backyard, but the patio or deck is totally gross or uneven? Throw down a rug. When I see outdoor rugs, I immediately think of crazy-rich people who have outdoor furniture that is fluffier and more comfortable than my indoor furniture. If you want to impress me, just put down a rug and a nice padded outdoor couch.

$15 Branch Marshmallow Roaster
Know a couple or family that loves camping? This would be a great gift. Plus, it will never catch on fire like those pesky sticks.

$48 Steel BBQ Bucket
Do you have a barbecue? No, but I have a bucket. So....
Portable and light, easy to take to the beach or park and easy to disguise as a sand toy when you get caught.

$28 Garden lights
Non-tacky tiki torches? Sounds good. These are short though, 16", so make sure not to light your sundress on fire.

$29.95 Campfire Cookery book
Recipes for when you are camping but don't want to eat like a moose.

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