Monday, July 25, 2011

Kling: A Chic Spanish Brand

When I was in Sevilla this summer, I stopped into a great shop that carried dresses by Kling.
I'd never heard of the brand but liked a lot of their stuff, so I took a card and promptly forgot about it.
Until today!

Kling has a great and easy-to-use website, in English for people who can only say "burrito" and "ole."

They even have a cool vintage section.

Here are some of my picks:
Note- the dresses are short short short, so plan on them for weekend or party wear and less for office style.

$35.82 (24.95 Euro) Dalston Dress
Chic colorblocking. The two layer skirt is flirty and allows you to wear the semi-sheer material without showing off your undies.

$57.35 (39.95 Euro) Minidress Knit Bow
Someone like me would call this a SWEATER. But I guess if you are a sexy Spanish girl wearing large-gauge fishnets, then this is a dress.

$35.75 (24.90 Euro) Love Me dress and short
Almost no one in the world can pull off this dress and bloomers combo, but I would like to see more people try because it is so damn cute.

$51.54 (35.90 Euro) Vincent Dress
OMG just kill me. These bows are adorable.

$51.54 (35.90 Euro) Bagley Dress
I love how this looks retro but doesn't smell all weird.

$28.57 (19.90 Euro) Light Blue Oxford
These are are the perfect Summer to Fall shoes that will help you transition from rompers and light dresses to tights and skirts.

$35.82 (24.95 Euro) Cork Platform wedge shoes
The platform on these will make them seem more flat and easy to walk in, and the ankle strap will ensure that you won't fall out.

$35.82 (24.95 Euro) Lady Shoe
These would be perfect to wear with any vintage sundress.

$28.57 (19.90 Euro) Evans Swimsuit
Flattering chevrons and halter top, with a small peek-a-boo hole in front. This would create some great tan lines. (ps wear sunblock)

Seriously, though, please go check out the site. There are so many pretty things there.

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