Monday, July 11, 2011

Three shoes to think about

I've had tabs open in my browser for a while now with these three pairs of shoes in them.
Instead of just thinking about them and wondering if I will still like them when no-buy July is over, I figure I might as well share them with you!

$127.50  Joie Leo Elephant leather shoes
I love the details and open spaces in these sandals. They look really exotic. I also love gray shoes, I think they go with everything and look good on every skin tone.
I totally don't need any more flat sandals (or any sandals), though, so these are probably going to be a no for me.

$52.50 Jeffrey Campbell Miller perforated tan leather oxford
These are great! I saw a rip-off version of them at F21, but for just a few bucks more, you can now have the original in real leather that won't fall apart.

The copies:
$22.80 Forever21 Geometric Cutout Flats

Last but not least are these awesome shoes:
$216 Beatrix Ong Hermes Flat Sandal
AAAAHhhh!!! So cool.
Great shape and small, comfortable wedge.
From the front it looks like a nicely designed sandal, and then from the side and back you realize the woman wearing it is actually a goddess. A goddess of style, that is.

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