Tuesday, July 26, 2011

House Plants

Having plants in your house
1. makes you look like a grown up
2. proves that you can keep something alive
3. improves air quality
4. is pretty

I have a loooot of house plants, but these are my favorite varieties that can do ok with indirect window light and not die all over the place.

$12.99 ZZ plant
These aren't really that rare and they don't do much, but it is fun because all of a sudden you'll see a long new growth and then it will unfurl sideways into leaves.

$5.99 Aloe
I got my aloe in the mail from an internet friend whose plant had too many babies, and it's been growing like gangbusters.
I've replanted 4 of its babies so far and given a few away.
Healthiest, easiest plant in the world to grow.
Also, I forgot I didn't have any more lotion when I got a sunburn, and just used the goo straight from my plant's leaves.
In the glass studio where I learned to solder, we had tons of aloe plants to use for all the accidentally burned students.

$9.99 Christmas cactus (zygocactus)Yeah, I am Jewish and I have a Christmas cactus, but I think mine actually converted with me because it always blooms early, at Chanukah instead of Christmas.
Mine is hot pink. For most of the year, it just looks like a whatever boring houseplant. Then when it starts to bloom, you just can't believe how many flowers it has- it looks like hawaiian fireworks or something!

$12.99 Purple Passion plant
For a while at my first real office job, I wanted only fuzzy plants. I would pet them and call them my "friends." I think it was some sort of adjustment period. Don't judge me.
Anyway, most of my friends died, but my purple passion is still going.
It's a vine, so it gets really leggy. When it does, though, I just cut off the top part right below a leaf node and replant that piece, and then you have two shorter plants. Works surprisingly well.
When the leaves are younger, they are more fuzzy and purple.

$12.99 Snake plant
These mofos are totally unkillable.
I saw a discarded one with only 1 leaf on the street, brought it home thinking it might be an orchid, and then it recovered and is a totally healthy snake plant. Oh well.

House plants I dont like:
Jade plants
Spider plants
I can't really explain why, but I think they are trashy and pedestrian. Like the equivalent of a college student's Escher poster. I would normally include snake plants in that list too, but I have one now so I should start liking it more.

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  1. We have two snake plants because I kill plants lol. I put them in lovely pots and actually get tons of compliments and questions about it. I wasn't in love with it when I bought it, but it grew on me, and better yet didn't die.


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