Tuesday, July 12, 2011

$10 Romper? OK!

$10 black cotton romper
If you've wanted to try a romper but haven't gotten one yet, I think you should order this one. It's only $10 so it's not a big commitment if you don't like it.
I'd suggest ordering one size up because a loose romper you can always belt, but a too-tight one is no good.


  1. I have a romper. Marc hates it. Maybe because it has a unicorn jumping over a rainbow on it. It's getting a little snug but I'll still wear it sometimes when I'm just bumming around.

  2. Jumpers can tend to look a little juvenile on a good day, so I am sure the unicorn and rainbow...umm...help...
    Maybe you could sew a patch over it with something more grown up, like a copy of your W2?


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