Thursday, July 21, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Old Green Things Edition

$135 Metal tackle box lamp
"Hey, man, your gear box just sprouted a glowing tumor. Oh, you mean it's supposed to be like that?"
Has storage so you can keep extra lightbulbs in it.

$30 Vintage paper cutter
Everyone saw these in grade school, right? And you were probably never allowed to touch them, yes?
Well now you can. Watch your fingers.

$35 Sears Roebuck retro water cooler
A great water jug to put on the edge of a picnic table or serve cocktails out of at a party.

$12 Vintage aqua serving dish
The scallops are so pretty! If you ate scallops, you could put some in this scalloped dish.

$34 Art deco vase
I like the elegant curves of this vase

$40 Woven picnic basket
Looks like it is in really good shape and would hold a lot

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