Monday, July 11, 2011

Yellow under $50

Yellow is the color of summer, and since we are right in the middle of it, now would be a great time to wear some.

It's hard to find the right shade of yellow for your skin tone; some people look better in a pale butter color, others in mustard, others in lemon. Try a few shades out by going to a big store with lots of basics like Uniqlo or Bloomingdale's or Macy's, grabbing a bunch of tee shirts in the different colors and holding them up to your face.
Look for the shade that makes you look happy and not sallow or pale.

Here is an article on how to wear yellow: link

And here are some suggestions of yellow items to start with:

$23.49 Recycled Yellow Birdie print purse
This cool purse is made in India from recycled plastic bags. The print is fun and tribal, and it would liven up any outfit. Plus, cheap!

$22 Merona Meave top
The ruffles and the print are great for work or weekend wear. This would look good with a pencil skirt or a pleated skirt, or skinny jeans and a thin belt.

$20 Anna & Ava Crisscross enamel bangle
If you want to try something yellow but don't want to do it in a big way, this bracelet would be a good place to start. It is classy enough to wear to a wedding but fun enough to look right on a beach.

$23.70 AK Anne Klein Studded Cardigan
I have a mustard yellow cardigan similar to this (mine has gold buttons and no studs) and I wear it all the time. It is a great office cover-up because it goes with black or brown or blue or pretty much anything you are wearing.
I just try not to wear it with red because then I feel like McDonald's.

$46.53 River Bottom Full Button Front Skirt
This skirt is sassy and bold. It looks kind of short on this model but I think that is only because she is a giantly tall model. On shorter people, it would probably be more demure in length.

$39.99 Ami yellow Halter Bandeau bikini
This model is clearly trying to be supersexy/trashy, but the bikini is nice and without all that jewelry and makeup, it would look pretty and normal.

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