Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Idea Jeans: Toms Shoes Wedding Line


Toms shoes used to just be a way of saying "I care about poor people's feet so much that I will wear these ugly overpriced things on my own feet."

But now they have taken it even farther with their wedding collection.
If you are a couple who wants to say "Hey, I really hate looking good but I still want to spend more than $50 on shoes for myself and my wedding party instead of maybe, like, donating some of our wedding gift money to charity or asking for donations in lieu of gifts" then these are the right clunkers for you.

Here are some putrid options that make me want to remind Toms that it is their original design that is the problem, and changing the fabric to something shiny is like polishing a turd:

$54 Pink glitter barf
These would be perfect for those child brides who love sparkles and pink but don't yet know how to walk in heels.

$52 Petal grosgrain mistake
If you've always dreamed of looking like a ballerina, but not a real one--one who is just a crazy person who lives in an insane asylum who thinks she's a ballerina and can't be trusted with strings that tie--then you will be excited about these.

$69 Ivory Grosgrain wedgies
Escape the nursing home in style.

$100 Perforated leather trap
Let's not forget the men!
These shoes say "It's ok if I pee on myself later because there are ventilation holes in these shoes. Oh, by the way, did I tell you that I spent $100 on them?"


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