Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where you at?

I've always wanted to have a love affair with maps. I've always enjoyed them - I'm rather good at reading them. I always wanted to have maps adorn my apartment or my study. But I've never been very good at finding maps that don't make me look a little bit like a toot. I've never been to Europe. I don't live in the 16th century. I've never climbed mountain peaks in Africa. I don't want to be that guy. Maps as art might be more my thing.

Old World, Meet Living Room World $169.00

But I thought I was over there! $18.00

People really love putting pictures on vintage maps $15.00
Have a fox. You're worth it.

New York City on an Atlas $35.00

Blue London Calling $160.00

Sleep on your state! $54.00

X totally marks the spot! $20.00
Wall decal.

Cut your teeth on it (or some cheese) $40.00

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