Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cat Furniture That Doesn't Make Me Want to Kill Myself

We're using our upcoming move as an opportunity to reflect on the stuff we own, in hopes of only bringing the best stuff with us. One thing that will definitely NOT be making the move with us is Chula's current cat tower. Marc purchased it a few years ago before we moved in together. It's rectangular, 4 levels of hammocks, hideouts and platforms, carpeted with sisal accents. It holds onto grime and cat fur for dear life. I hate it. I have convinced Marc to let me get rid of it in exchange for a promise that we will buy other items for the cat to jump all over. I'm not the only one with a hate for such monstrosities- a quick Google search brings up all sorts of fancy alternatives.

It's too bad this Contemporary Cat Corner from The Refined Feline is no longer available- I love the way it tucks right into the corner. Without a cat on it, it almost looks like a sculpture or knick-knack holder.

Perhaps Chula would enjoy this easily-installed Cat Climber?

I'm sure Chula would enjoy this Cat Window Seat Perch, even though I am too responsible to let her sit on it with the window wide open. Has that illustrator ever met a cat?

This Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure could help me forget the worst thing about having a cat- the LITTER BOX. It's "Designer"! What more could you need?

I need need NEED this Cat Library. The designer's website says the kit will be available in the US in May, which just ended! The best of both worlds- fun for kitty, functional for owners.

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