Friday, June 3, 2011

New Bag Obsession: Klein Tools canvas bags

After seeing one of these on a street photo on Refinery29, I had to track it down.
I was pleasantly surprised by the durable construction, the little feet on the bottom, and the chic steel-frame mouths of the bags and rivets.
Heavy duty AND fashionable.

There are 2 versions and I love them both.

$62.38 Klein Tools 5105-20  High bottom bag 20"
This would be a great carry-all, and would fit a laptop (you'll need a sleeve), lunch, shoes, and books.

$47.15 Klein Tools 5102-14 Low bottom 14"
This one is a little more of a traditional purse shape and would be great as an everyday bag.

I like these two sizes, but both the high and low bottom bags come in a variety of widths.

Thank you Erica!! My lovely sister got this for me for my birthday!

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