Friday, June 24, 2011

Express listened to me: now the sale is worth it!

Remember when I said a few days ago that the Express sale sucked? Well, it did, and then they put more things on sale and put sale things on clearance, and now it is a lot better and worth stopping in.

I saw leggings for $4.50, pants for $31.99, espadrille shoes that look like Tom's for $7.99.

Here is some stuff from the site. Sale items are an additional 20% off at checkout so I did the math for you and have put the final prices here.


$23.99 Cowboy stretch cotton button down
These come in a variety of colors and I like the western look.

$31.99 Cotton Poplin short sleeve button down
Light but still professional and put-together for summer.

$31.99 Corded striped cotton Producer pants
These have good texture in person and come in a few nice dark colors. Please don't wear light colored pants, men, unless they are white linen and you are on the French Riviera/a yacht.

$31.99 Chukka boot
I like the black version of these better but I couldn't find a pic of them

$23.99 Lion swim shorts
Solid and functional, not too short. Don't go past the knee, though, it makes you look like a little kid.

$63.99 Khaki Military jacket
Sexy! Not the normal detective-style tan trench that makes everyone look like a dad with a big butt. This one I can get behind. The hip-length is flattering and I think wearing it open like it is shown here is the way to go.

$23.99 Plaid modern fit button down shirt
This would look good with jeans or gray, black, or blue pants.

$15.99 Narrow cotton plaid tie
The cotton and matte finish made it modern.


$4.79 Capri tights
These will make you look like a ballet dancer. Especially if you wear them with ballet flats and a flouncy short skirt.

$31.99 Stella boot cut white jeans
White jeans are great for summer, and bootcut flatters every figure.

$31.99 Wide waistband Editor pants
The wide waistband is one of my favorite pants tricks. It makes your stomach look smoother and smaller while also making your legs look longer.

$15.99 Pintuck button down longsleeve shirt
The zigzags and seams are great for those who want to draw attention up and maximize a small bust line. D cups and above need not apply.

$23.99 Elite stretch ruffle front shirt
This top is great because it looks like a V neck when really it is closer to a halter and doesn't show much skin or cleavage at all. It would be a good day-to-evening shirt worn with a cardigan or boyfriend blazer to work and then with bare shoulders at night.

 $7.99 Glitter flat espadrille
These are those Tom's-like espadrilles I was talking about. they come in boring colors and matte finishes, but why not go crazy and have some done with tiny sequins?
Personally I don't like this style of shoe and I think they cut the line of your foot in a weird boxy way, but there are people out there who are really into them now, so at least they won't have to spend too much money.

$23.99 stretch notch-back long shorts
These are good city shorts or walking shorts or just regular shorts for people who don't like to shave their thighs. I am one of them.

$23.99 Cuffed 4 1/2" shorts
The inches refer to the inseam, and this is a good adult (not teen 2") length.
Don't get these in white, though, because if they look this see-through on the model after special lighting and photoshop, they are going to be totally see-through on you. The black or stone options look more promising.

And one to avoid:


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