Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shoes of Men, Short Edition

Short men of the world, stop wearing flat front shoes.

I know what you're saying "But all my shoes are snub nosed! That's all Payless shoes sells!" That's the problem, you're letting the rest of the world's love affair with six foot tall men define your style choices. But face it! You're not six feet. You. are. short. And when the dinosaurs come to kill us all, you'll be one of the last eaten. Alleluia!

The trick for shorter fellows is to try and maintain an unbroken line down the leg. Keeping an unbroken line at the cuff (which is hard - I always miss that hem measurement up), the line should extend through the shoe and to the toes. The longer and thinner the toes, the longer the line and the taller you look. You might not be Mediterranean but you can pick up a trick or two from your tanned, slick, aviator wearing cousins. They know what they're doing when it comes to shoes.

I'm not really a fan of brown shoes. (I haven't yet figured out how to work them into my wardrobe). But black? Burgundy? Gray? Red? Like the Kool Aid Man bursting through a brick wall, "Oh Yeah!"

Florsheim Edgar $110.00

GeoX U Mainstream 2 $136.00

Allen-Edmonds New Orleans $138.75

Stacy Adams Mazara $75.00

John Varvatos Dress Oxford $265.00

Ted Baker Viho $185.00

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