Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jack Spade: Bags, Wallets, Small Goods, and the Like

Being a short fellow and a full-time student, I tend to stay away from brand names. That isn't because I don't like designer brands (I really do) but just because I can't afford them. But there are a few brands that I'll make the exception for and one of them is Jack Spade.

The best description for Jack Spade that I ever heard is: "Jack Spade is a brand for would-be would-be’s, which you wear to let others know that while you don’t come from privilege, and you don’t wish to appear as if you do, you wish to let people know that you could play the role if you wanted, which you do not." (from The New York Times) Heck yes.

What I really enjoy from the brand is their love of accessories. If you can't tell, I'm all about the small details this season. It's much easier to justify buying a new wallet that I will use everyday while letting my student loans continue to increase. And a wallet will go with everything - no excuse not to use it. Just make sure to not keep it in your swimtrunks when you go to the beach - they tend to not be waterproof.
Anchors Aweigh $125.00

Business Card Holder $85.00
Cheddar $65.00

I'm also in love with their bags.
It has a flap which is helpful. A flap is how things stay water resistant (zippers don't help with that).
Nylon Canvas Messenger Bag (on sale) $105.00
My only problem with this bag is that it is secured via velcro. I hate velcro enclosures. I wish there was a cheap option available for those who prefer either a magnet enclosure or an elegant hook and lock contraption. It's the only thing I wish Jack Spade added to their bags.

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  1. I happen to have a Jack Spade Canvas Messenger Bag, and find the velcro very useful. It opens easily. It stays shut. And there's no magnet to mess up the magnetic strips on my cards.


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