Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't Bother: Sales that aren't worth your time

There are a bunch of summer sales going on now in the online and brick and mortar retail world and while some are ok, many are disappointing.
I checked these stores out and found them lacking, so don't bother with them this time around:

GAP- they say things are super marked down but really it's only basic tees for $9.99+. Even the marked-down underwear isn't as cheap as it usually is. I didn't see anything worth getting.

Express- the graphic tees are marked down, as are some of the dresses, but the markdowns still don't make the shoddy cloth quality or overly ruffled designs appealing.

H&M- sometimes it's a goldmine here, but this season everything seems to be elasticized and crappy. The sale items are clearly the failures that no right-minded shopper would buy because of fit or color.

All Saints- it's always hit or miss here, but there are only a few sale items and they are all things that would be difficult to fit into a normal wardrobe's rotations.

Ann Taylor- I as really hoping to find some of their cute shoes on sale, but even the 40% off didn't make the prices seem worth it. There were some pants that were ok, but very boring in the office-khaki style. The tops were see-through and poor quality.

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