Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Online Store: Cure Thrift Shop

My mother instilled me a great love of the thrift shop. Nowhere else can you get more bang for your buck! She taught all of her daughters how to carefully search the racks, try everything on, and be creative with clothes. Or maybe she just told us it was educational so that we'd stop fussing while she spent hours combing the racks. I may not have appreciated it then, but I do now, Mom!

My favorite NYC thrift shops is the Cure Thrift Shop, on East 12th Street near Union Square. All sales benefit the Diabetes Research Institute. They run a Tumblr that features snapshots of their latest finds, and they'll even give Tumblr followers (along with pretty much everyone else) a 15% discount on clothes Monday-Wednesday. They get furniture, clothes, shoes, accessories, books, you name it, they probably have it or had it yesterday and you were just too slow.

They feature some of their fancier designer finds in their eBay store. Current items include:

A Ralph Lauren 100% Mohair Throw Blanket. So cozy for the couch!

Tory Burch Silver Ballet Flats. I love silver shoes; they go with everything.

I am a huge fan of their furniture displays, which are often posted on the Tumblr blog. The whole store is put together so well, it feels less like a "thrift store" and more like a boutique. I'm totally drooling over that tuffetted ottoman (a subject that will require a post all its own in the next few days).

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