Monday, June 20, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$25 Identical twins print
I don't like twins, I think they are weird. In fact, when my friend was introducing me to her new boyfriend (now husband), she mentioned he was a twin and I said "Ew" to him, which I am not sure was the best first impression for either of us.
But this print almost makes twins look cute.

$4,200 Crab box
This is so pretty! You would have to go out and buy something equally pretty to keep inside it, because if you use this box to store your old receipts and phone chargers and adapters for other countries, it will think you are trashy.

$8 polka dot masking tape
I like pretty tape, but of course when I am wrapping presents last minute I never remember to use it so it just sits in the closet. Sits prettily in the closet though.

$3.50 A yard of Maribou trim
Just think of all the shoes you can make vintage-ly trashy with this!

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