Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coclico: practical and stylish shoes

Coclico is a brand of French-via-NY shoes made by a third generation cobbler. Sandra (the designer) keeps the shoes comfortable, eco-conscious, and durable.
They are also very stylish and good for city walking. I like shoes like these that can go with shorts, skirts, or pants.

$375 Lucifer Fango
Sturdy heel, stripey straps.

$350 Chispa TigerBright and solid, I like low ankle straps and t straps like this for making short legs and small feet look longer and more elegant.

$340 Ninimin
Almost a wedge but lets a little light in. Very architectural. Like what would happen if a smart designer wielding a scalpel got hold of a wedge oxford.

$330 Skipper Elephant
One of the only kitten heels I have ever liked

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