Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping in Spain: El Ganso

I didn't get to do too much shopping when I was in Spain last week since we were busy "sightseeing" and "appreciating history," but when we got to Seville on our last day there, I insisted on having a look around the stores.
One great Spanish store we found was the preppy but cute El Ganso.


Inside there was a great selection of blazers, shoes, shirts, pants and shorts for both men and women. I liked the men's stuff more; it was more special and reminded me of a designer version of the Rugby brand we have here.


As you can see, there were a lot of fun elbow patches to be had.

These women's skort dresses were also nice:


I was most impressed by the cute and offbeat sneakers for men:

They had asymmetrical designs, piping, and interesting fabrics.

E ended up with a pair of red checked pants I picked out for him, but sadly didn't get a great pair of piped green shorts with pocket details. They were kind of expensive for shorts, but you wouldn't be able to find anything like them anywhere else!

Check out some of the finds online:
75 Euro
The waistband on these is a winner.

79 Euro
The perfect midweight Spring and Fall jacket, just athletic enough to wear on the street or at the gym.

35 Euro
Cheap and summery

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