Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get your a$$ to Uniqlo NOW!

Or, how I got 2 pair of pants for $29.

Uniqlo is having a great sale on pants now, including their slim cut cropped jeans, boyfriend cropped jeans, jean leggings, and linen pants. They are marked down from $29.90 to $14.90!

Uniqlo lets you browse online but not buy, so sorry non-NYCers.

I got a pair of seersucker striped light blue linen pants (being hemmed for free as we speak)
and a pair of light blue cropped slim jeans.


As a short girl with muscular (that is a euphemism) legs, I tend to steer clear of capris and cropped pants that make my legs seem shorter, but these are a great length that hits below the widest point of your calves, highlighting the slim part of your legs.

Let me take a minute and tell you how much I love Uniqlo's jeans:
{---------------------------------------THIS MUCH-----------------------------------------}
They hold up well, they are good denim, a great range of colors, and fit many body types.
Plus, you really can't beat the free hemming.

Also on sale were a ton of other great things that I refrained from buying but maybe you should:


$14.90 Denim skirt

$14.90 Button down stripe shirt

$14.90 Women's cuffed cargo shorts
These are a great length and inseam- not teenager short nor skater long.


$14.90 Men's white half-chino shorts
I also like these in Navy and Gray

$14.90 Men's denim half-pants

$14.90 Men's cargo shorts
I'm usually not a fan of cargo shorts on boys, but these don't have too many doo-dads.

I'd also recommend that men check out and try on the women's linen pants (which come in S, M, L, XL) since they are such a great deal and could be unisex.

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