Friday, June 10, 2011

Father's Day gift ideas

Father's Day is coming up right after my birthday, so you better get ready to buy a lot of presents for people!
It's getting close to June 19th. Do you know where your gift is?

Here are some ideas for Father's day gifts when you don't want to just get him socks or golf tees or a "world's best dad" mug.

$39.50 Alarm Dock for iPhone (via)
So cool! you stick your phone in this dock and it looks like a real alarm clock.

$95 Wooden tool set
Comes in a neat little bag so the tools are always together for when you need them (yeah right, for like a day maybe)

$40 Nautilus shell silk tie
I don't know about your dad, but mine has a plethora of embarrassing ties, most of which were free, that he wears all the time in inappropriate settings. My (least( favorite) is a free on he has that is pattered with Absolut bottles with tails made to look like they are sperm. He wears this to graduations and museum openings and weddings. I would rather he wore cool non-horrifying ties like the nautilus one.

$104.99 Sony DPF-1010 Digital photo frame 10"
Of course the real work here is loading it up with pics, but once you do this gift will be epic.

$18.99 Panasonic nose hair trimmer
Because there's no nicer sentiment on Father's Day than "I love you Dad, but it looks like you've been snorting burnt trees. It's time to take care of that crap."

$75 Jerky of the month club
"No I didn't say you were a jerk; I said you were jerk-y"
Seriously- they couldn't find a more appealing picture of jerky?

$49.99 Quotable cufflinks
They say Lincoln quote of "All that I am and all that I hope to be I owe to you"

$29.99 Customized hand or footprint tie
This would be great for new dads. If I tried to do this now it would have to be a giant scarf or ascot.

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