Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$275 Danish modern table lamp
The aliens are coming and you better have your home accessories in CHECK, yo!
Don't you want to make them feel comfortable when they visit your living room? You should get this then.

$38 Vintage red lift
In keeping with the outer space theme, doesn't this look like a Mars rover?
Well it's not, you freak. it's just a lift with 6 legs that you can use in your house to put something on that you want to show off. Like a moon rock or an asteroid or your start wars plates, you freakin dork.

$55 Antique Sheffield chopper
Moving on, this is a thing that used to chop other things. Not like karate chop, but normal chop. Sheffield is, as all archaeologists who've  dug abroad know, the choice par excellence for a sturdy tiny trowel that will make all the other diggers jealous.
I decorated the handle of mine with red nail polish polka-dots because I am awesome.

$395 Rustic end table
I'm a pretty polished table but my leggies still look like a tree branch! I'm cute!

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