Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great store: Shareen Vintage

Today I finally stopped by Shareen Vintage, which is literally next to my office but never seemed to be open/accessible when I was free.

It's a cool vintage store with mostly dresses on 17th st between 5th and 6th ave in NY and they also have an LA location. They don't have a sign out front, so you have to look for the red dress hanging from a balcony and then press the #2 buzzer at 13 West 17th St to get in. They ask you to announce yourself over the intercom and I had no idea what to say so I just said "it's Rebecca" like they would know who I was, but it seemed to work.

When you get upstairs to the shop, which is the whole 2nd floor, there are tons of dresses and a nice saleswoman who gives you a rundown of the store and what racks are what (designer, refashioned vintage, just in, etc).

It's girls-only and there are no dressing rooms so you kind of just drop trou wherever. I recommend not wearing a thong like I did since I didn't know that yet.
I ended up with a cute floral culotte jumper that I will wear on my trip to Spain because it is light and flowy and won't be too hot.

$36 Floral Jumper (Please ignore my blazer and scarf in the background, I only have one hangar here and I am incredibly lazy)
This looks better on me than on the hangar.

You can also purchase from them online, and here is what I would get:

$68 Red 1970s sweater dress
Good for work in winter.

$52 Vibrant 1960s sundress
Nice length, the top covers bra straps and is modest for work- would look great with a solid belted cardigan over it.

$68 Black and silver 1980s sequin top
Would look great with skinny jeans or a bandage skirt.

$125 Yellow 1940s dress
Very Betty Draper. Reminds me of what a good housewife would wear to a casual tea party, or maybe just to vacuum.

At Shareen, a lot of the clothes are polyester and "vintage vintage" which means they can be floofy and not totally practical for everyday use, but there are totally some gems in there and the store itself is just fun to be in.

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