Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Leather" Jackets under $50 for Juliet

I take requests!
If you have one, you can leave a comment here or email it to me.

Juliet recently noticed that seemingly everyone around her was wearing black motorcycle jackets, and wanted in.

Real leather jackets are beautiful and durable, but they are costly (and kill cows). For something that you want as a trend piece, I think going fake is preferable. That way if you decide that next year all you want to wear is velvet Victorian frockcoats, you won't feel bad donating the moto jacket.

It can be called pleather, faux-leather, manmade leather, PU, leatherette, etc. It's all good.

Here are some cute and cheap options under $50:

$46.55 ASOS PU bomber
comes in black and brown

$44.99 Fox Racing Kyla jacket
I like the vertical piping on this one.

$17.49 Attention Gray pleather flyaway jacket
I love gray leather and think it would look great on Juliet with her coloring. It's less harsh than black. This jacket isn't the usual style, either, which I think is cool.

$34.99 Roxy Burnout Pleather jacket
This is the most standard of the bunch, a classic jacket with an off-center zipper.

$49 DKNY Jeans Missy Zip Front Faux leather jacket
This one has a little more hardware than the Roxy one, and is a little tougher.

$48.99 Ebay Gray crinkle faux leather jacket
I like the zip pockets on this one, and the casual feel that the crinkle gives. Plus I am not giving up on the gray thing yet.

$38.90 Steve Madden faux leather jacket
Speaking of gray.... this one is sleek and looks expensive.
(it also comes in black)

$47.99 Via Spiga studded motorcycle jacket
Ok, one more black one like she wanted.

And here's a few for the boys, so you all can look like sexy Justin Timberlake:

$49.13 Gio Goi Jethro pleather biker jacket

Do you know what a placket is?
It's the area around the zippers or buttons down the front of a jacket or shirt, and the placket on this jacket (RHYME) is what makes it so cool.

$39.99 JC Penney Decree Faux leather jacket
Be a stud with studs. On your shoulders.

$39.99 Charles and 1/2 Faux leather jacket
This one is awesome and slim and my favorite of the bunch.


  1. This is awesome! Thank you. I could go gray.

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