Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: My Sister's Birthday Edition

It's my sister's birthday!
Happy Birthday, Eri!

I thought that instead of giving her something that she wanted, or something that I had thought of for her after careful consideration of her possessions and needs, I would give her something from the heart. Etsy's mechanical heart.
Etsy has a feature now where you can "buy a gift" for someone by selecting a facebook friend of yours. Etsy reads their interests and then gives you suggestions based on them.

Here is what me and Etsy have picked out for my sis:

$18 Rorshach tee
Because you were a Psych major. Get it?

$20 Nerve cell image
This is burned into the paper, not drawn, which I think is cool.

$8 vintage Spanish kids books
You'll always be a kid to me. A Spanish one.

$40 Racist flamenco dancer pillow
When you speak Spanish, this is how I see you in my mind.

$30 Washington D.C. print
Remember when you lived in DC? Etsy does.

$3.50 Vintage small postcard set of DC
You lived in DC so long ago, Roosevelt was president.

No, I didn't get you any of these.
Love you!

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