Thursday, June 16, 2011

Piel Leather: nice bags

I've had a Piel bag bookmarked in my browser for years, and after hearing someone bring up the brand again, I decided to look back through their offerings and found some great stuff.

$118 Carry-All Market Bag
A great large tote that will never wear out
$142 Computer portfolio
has a padded compartment and a regular one for a computer and papers, sleek and elegant.

$102 Bloom bag
has 5 compartments and would fit EVERYTHING

$186 Buckle laptop tote
lots of useful zippered compartments so things don't spill everywhere when you put it down or hold it the wrong way.

$211 Carry-All Bag
Three main zippered compartments and 2 big flap pockets. This could be great for a man or woman.

$139 Deluxe men's bag
So many pockets! So much stuff to put in them!
This bag is great and versatile.

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