Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hollow Wedges for Debra

Our reader Debra sadly missed out on her size of the hollow-edge Anthro sandals (get yours if they still have your size!) and wants to find some like it.

Not all of these are her size, but in case you are looking for shoes with holes in the heels as well, maybe these will suit you.

Some search terms that help are:
"hollow heel"
"donut hole"
"hole wedge"

Here are the originals from Anthro:

$178 Anthropologie look through wedges

And here are some alternatives:

$58 Vintage 1940s hollow wedge heel

$28 size 9.5 vintage wedge

$27.90 Runway open toe wedge

$69.95 Steve Madden Champyun

$163 United Nude Mobius shoe

$19.98 Strappy donut hole wedge

$26.99 Strappy Donut hole wedge sandal
Why is yellow more expensive than black? Because yellow cows are rare in the wild. DUH

$21.99 Donut hole slides

$12.99 Splash white wedge sandal

$24.99 White peep-toe hollow wedge

$29.99 Blossom black studded wedge

$29.99 Blossom beige studded wedge
I think these might be the best replacements for the Anthro shoes
$15 Skechers Fritters Natural

$36 Italian Shoemakers Cuba black


  1. Pro tip: make sure you have "safe search" turned on when you google "hole wedge."

  2. The fake plastic feet in the "Splash White Wedge Sandal" are totally freaky and look really odd. Aaaaaahhhhhh!


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