Saturday, June 4, 2011

Father's Day Cufflinks: Etsy Edition

I'm not a father and you might not be one too. You might know one, or know a guy who wants to be one, or maybe your best male friend uses the phrase "How's your father?" a little too much. Either way, Father's Day is coming up, where the father units of the world are gifted a toolbox or a tie. I'm down with ties but, really, we don't need another toolbox. If you're in NYC, you call your Super for that.

But a big part of men's fashion is details and accessories. It's easy to make a big statement in men's fashion by merely taking classic, fitted pieces, and adding tiny little details that people only notice on closer inspection. You'll be amazed at the attention you can get if your shirts are monogramed or if your wallet is different and unique. The devil is in the details (and the glory too).

I must confess that I do not own shirts with cufflink capabilities. I wish I did. The standard buttons on men's dress shirts can be really boring and it seems almost right to roll up your sleeves during these hot summer months. But with the right shirt, and right cufflinks, I'll keep my sleeves down in the hottest, most humid, and most disgusting subway platform in town.

With the right ketchup stain, your inner comicbook nerd can shine.

Steam Punk $75.00
I know steam punk isn't trendy now but I'm a sucker for exposed gears.

For the Apple Lover in your life who needs to brand themselves even more.

For those who are building worlds.

I love the idea of wearing your city on your sleeve. Or maybe wearing someone else's city is more your thing. Have some beads.

San Diego Transit in the House $74.99
Vintage Transit Tokens are popular. Great way to share your low carbon footprint number with your friends.
Just in case you'd like to claim to be so retro, you're Atari.

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