Saturday, June 4, 2011

Going to the Dogs: Trixie & Peanut

Twinkie's favorite pet store in NYC is Trixie & Peanut, on East 20th Street. She likes to run around and growl at all the other dogs who dare shop while she's there. Twinkie's like Oprah, she prefers the shop be shut down while she's there. And given how unfriendly she is, it basically is. Here's a few things Twinkie would enjoy from Trixie and Peanut.

Twinkie already owns a Chewy Vuitton, and she loves it. I've found this line of dog toys particularly sturdy- other than getting dingy over time, they hold up very well to life in a dog's mouth.

I love the idea of a house full of cozy blankets, but any time I want to buy one, I remind myself that I can't own blankets; I can only buy them. The animals own them as soon as they start rubbing their fuzzy butts all over them. Twinkie could do a lot of quality napping in this Posh Sweetheart Blanket.

Like any true cosmopolitan, Twinkie loves to travel. She's a pro at airplane travel- she particularly loves the part of the journey where we go through security and she shows the guards what a real terrorist looks like. She's owned several Trixie & Peanut carrying cases over the years, all of which have held up well (with the exception of the one she managed to chew the strap off of, little devil). This Bark Harbor Pet Tote would be great for a jaunt to the beach.

Overall, Twinkie's not big on clothes, and I'm fine with that- why should I spend $20 on a shirt for a dog when I could spend that money on clothes for ME? But given her ardent support for gay rights, I think Twinkie would make an exception for this Cosmic Rainbow Tank, particularly given how loose and comfortable it looks.

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