Monday, June 6, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$65 Vintage 1930s Swag necklace
Remember when "swag" meant a draping line instead of a hip-hopper's steez? This is from then.

$50 Pewter daisy ice cream mold
Nowadays, everyone makes their own ice cream and it isn't that special anymore. If you want to wow your DIY-er friends, you gotta pretty up that s.o.b. and make it into 3D flowers. See?

$75 Cotton 1950s dress with bow backLovely lovely lovely. No, you cannot dance with me or my perfect ponytail that curls up at the end.

$275 Staret flower brooch
Apparently, Staret is a famous brand. And I can see why, this is pretty and ornate but not over-the-top.

$175 Liberty bell lamp from 1926
It works!! Very cool. The description says it has fractures in the bell. DUHhhhhhhh

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