Thursday, November 17, 2011

Steven Alan Sample Sale Review

OMG you MUST go to this sale!

Last year, I came home from the Steven Alan showroom sale with two giant shopping bags which contained a $40 dress and $40 Pare Gabia wedges for me and a $75 leather jacket for E as well as 3 pairs of $25 Generic Surplus shoes.
This year, E couldn't pass up the opportunity to come with me and see all the great stuff.
And there was a lot of great stuff:

The first floor has non-Steven Alan brands (I guess the SA store sells them though) like The Sea dresses for $100, Ulla dresses for $125+, Gar-De leather jackets for $195-$500, Relwen knit tops for $20 for henleys to $80 for sweaters, and much more including boxes of leather belts and knit hats.

Men's items included Hayden Yoo sweaters from $40 and Relwen knits from $25. There were lots of Generic Surplus shoes again, Borstal mesh in Opal (a sandy color) and moccasin-type leather booties. They didn't have women's Generic Surplus shoes this time, so I couldn't get us matching shoes like last year. They were all $25 again. Up near the register was a box of men's bathing suit trunks for $40 which were really cute colors and understated patterns.

Downstairs was the Steven Alan merchandise. The first room was menswear, with $78 long sleeve button downs, $50 wool pants, $35 down-filled scarves (great gifts!), $40 leather gloves, $195+ coats, and a few sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. There was a huge selection of ties, all $25.

The other downstairs room was womenswear, where button down shirts were $58, fall dresses were $125, and summer dresses were $65. There was a small but good rack of coats ranging from $50 for a wool hoodie to $95 for a black cotton trench to $150 for a treated raincoat. There were also a bunch of women's shoes from Keds, Pare Gabia, Birkenstock, Modern Vintage, and Vans which were all super cheap ($20 for Keds to $125 for Modern Vintage OTK leather boots). Bras were $10, underwear was $10, scarves were $25 and hats were $25. Swimsuits were also $25, marked down from over $200!
I saw some non-Steven Alan brands in the downstairs women's section; vintage items, and some leggings and sweaters by another designer.

So, what did we get?


Shoes clockwise from top:
$25 Pare Gabia ribbon sandals
$25 Generic Surplus mesh borstal 
$25 Birkenstock navy sandal
$25 Generic Surplus tan boat shoe
$20 Keds + Steven Alan Off-white lace up


Two bathing suits, both marked down from $225 to $25


Sweaters from left to right:
$45 Hayden Yoo colorblock cardigan
$30 black cardigan
$40 Hayden Yoo colorblock pullover
$25 Zip stripe pullover


$25 ties (bow tie, cloth plaid ties, fine wale corduroy tie)


$25 Cashmere head wrap
$35 puffy down scarf (double sided!)


$80 Cashmere jumpsuit


Everything we got on our bed at once!

Let's not add up that total. ;)

Want to go to the sale?
Steven Alan Sample Sale
87 Franklin (btw Church and Broadway)
Thursday, November 17th, 8:30am~8pm
Friday, November 18th, 8:30am~8pm
Saturday, November 19th, 11am~7pm
Sunday, November 20th, 11am~5pm

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