Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bootights: Tights made for boots

This is an interesting concept-- tights that have a padded sock-like bottom for wearing with boots.
It may be a solution without a problem, but I'd be willing to try them out and see if they are a lot better than putting socks on over my tights.

Warning- when you go to the website, there is a video with sound that autoplays.

$34 Bootights (flannel pinstripe midcalf)

They come in black and gray (mostly black) and a few different styles like cable, solid, fishnet, argyle, and pinstripe.
Cable and solid would be my picks.
You can get them with the sock part coming up to your ankle or mid-calf.

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  1. Love my Bootights! From top to bottom the most comfortable tights I've ever worn. Brilliant!


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