Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Etsy Finds of the Day: Unusual Ears

$50 Pearl Spike ear cuff
See how this wraps around and behind the ear? You can even wear it is you don't have your ears pierced. Plus, it won't weigh down your ear holes that way too.

$70 Needle-Felted Fennec Fox
Of course this is your new favorite animal.

$25 Gray Fleece wolf hat
If there is an understated way to wear a hat with ears on it, this would be it.

$50 Snake ear cuff
This ear cuff actually does go through your ear. But the thickness is deceptive- you don't have to have wide piercings to accommodate this; the tail comes off as a backing and there is a regular size earring post in there.

$50 Custom silver wire elf ears
Everyone knows you're a freak. Own it and look cute.

$110 Gold and silver kitten ring
This jeweler let the silver base shine through the gold plating in some places, which I think looks cool.

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