Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things: Overstock.com Sheets and Threadcount Notes

For a while I had what you might call a "sheet problem."
I loved sheets and I hated doing laundry, so I would just buy more and more sheets.
Specifically, from Overstock.com where you can get awesome savings and a much wider variety of thread counts and colors and patterns than at a local store.

I have since banned myself from buying sheets, especially because moving in with E expanded my sheet collection once again. (But almost none of his sheets are full sets! And they don't match! And there is cat hair all over them!)

Whenever someone compliments my sheets (is it weird that this has happened more than once?) or needs new ones, I direct them to Overstock.

$120 Egyptian Cotton 800 Thread Count sateen sheets

One note about sheets and thread count- Thread count is a difficult thing to count on. For instance, the sheets above are 800 thread count, but they are sateen. For sateen, you divide thread count by 2, so they are really 400 thread count. That's still a lot, so those are cool.
But you wouldn't want to buy a 300 threadcount sateen sheet and be sleeping on 150 threadcount sheets (OMG like a poor person).

ALSO- sometimes threadcount is not the best measure of durability or softness. You really want to look for "long staple" cotton. That means that the threads are long and flexible and not short and spiky and possibly itchy or prone to pilling.

Egyptian and Pima cotton are known for their long staple and their soft feel, so that is why it costs more when you see those words.

Some people say that they wouldn't buy sheets online because you can't feel them in person. But feeling in person isn't actually the best way to tell quality unless you are super experienced. High thread count sheets can sometimes feel really stiff when you first get them, but soften up and last forever once you wash them. Jersey and tencel (bamboo rayon) sheets will feel really soft and luxurious in the package, but have a tendency to pill and stretch and probably won't last as long as 100% cotton. Also, polyester can be hiding in some soft sheets and you might be fooled into thinking that is ok. It is not ok.

Anyway, buy me these sheets:

$47.69 Pima cotton 300 thread count (solid not sateen) sheets

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